Singing About Love is the Song of the Day



today’s song of the day is about voting. Yes, yes, I know you’re tired of voting lately. But this time the vote is free, there are no impediments and there are no queues. The song is written by a successful Romanian producer, Mihai Alexandru. It is a project that is enrolled in the Swiss National Eurovision Song Contest. The project’s name is Timebelle. The project’s voice is the well-known Miruna Manescu. Miruna is one of my favorite Romanian artists. You know her from the Shaka Muv project and also from the tv series „O noua viata”.

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So let’s talk about the song. It’s called „Singing About Love”. It is a good song and you can vote for it clicking on the following link: THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF VOTES PER USER IS 4!!! So, get out there and vote.


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