My Romanian Dance Music History… part 1

Hey there,
I am one of the luckiest persons in Romania (or not, depends on how you see it). I had the privilege to witness the birth of modern dance music in Romania. After 1989 a lot of changes occurred. The borders were finally opened for the music sounds from abroad. As in the rest of the world a new musical style appeared, the young Romanian music enthusiasts felt the need to be a part of that musical movement. Dance music was the coolest thing.

My way of remembering things might not be accurate as I am under the influence of the feelings and thoughts I felt when I was a teenager.


The first music group that was the real blast was „T-Short”. Carmen, Cosmin and Eric were the greatest dance group of that moment. It was hysterical every time they had a concert. They were everywhere. Their first hit, „Noapte de vis” was not quite a dance melody, but taking into account all their songs, we can easily tag them as a dance music group.

But the ones who really turned things to a brand new level were Genius. Their debut album was a smash hit, and their first song „Chefu'” was the most played song at every party and radio station.


Back then was kind of like today. Well not quite like today. The technology was way off limits, the few good studios were always booked months in advance and there was this music production family that made possible the release of the first Romanian Dance Music Compilation. When that tape hit the stands was madness. I was lucky to own it and I played it on and on. That music family was the Proiect K1 family. Groups like Ro-Mania (the first etno dance group in the country), Bass Reflex, Double D, U-nite, MB&C, etc. These were the pioneers of Romanian dance music.


Please don’t laugh. Back then these songs were something out of this world.

When the first TV show that tried to promote new music and new trends was produced, it was a bomb. „Scoala Vedetelor” trained young musicians and released a super group. „Class” was somewhere in the stratosphere. And their debut song was a hit.


This concludes part one of my history about Romanian dance music.
Feel free to comment and share and remember all the good songs you listened to back then.


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