Down the memory lane… Anya – „Trandafirii”

Hey there, an acquaintance of mine sent me a YouTube link today. It's a song written by Florin Grozea, the member of HI-Q, about seven years ago. The lyrics are mostly mine with a touch of Anya :). You guessed it: Anya is the singer of this song. For me it was a walk down … Continuă lectura Down the memory lane… Anya – „Trandafirii”


„In Jurul Lumii” – that special voice

Hey there, I am very glad to see that in the final of "The Voice - Romanian Edition" there are two of my favorite voices. One of them is Anda Dimitriu. Sincerely I don't know so much about Anda (unfortunately). I heard her on the track I am about to upload below and fell in … Continuă lectura „In Jurul Lumii” – that special voice

Song of the Day – ZBOR

Hey there, one of my favorite voices in Romania is Maria Radu. She is amazing. She truly is and the Romanian music business should give her more, more attention. Today's song is one of my favorite works as a lyricist. I am so, so proud of my work here. The music is written by George … Continuă lectura Song of the Day – ZBOR

„I WISH” cu Smiley si Diana Moraru

Hey there, this post is a joy to write, as it basically wrote itself. Some time ago I wrote about Smiley's album "Acasa". When presenting the songs, I expressed my believe that one of them is more than exceptional. In that review of the song, I wrote that I'd love to know and meet the … Continuă lectura „I WISH” cu Smiley si Diana Moraru