“I WISH” cu Smiley si Diana Moraru

Hey there,
this post is a joy to write, as it basically wrote itself. Some time ago I wrote about Smiley’s album “Acasa”.


When presenting the songs, I expressed my believe that one of them is more than exceptional. In that review of the song, I wrote that I’d love to know and meet the girl that did the backing vocals. Meanwhile I did:

Diana Moraru

Diana Moraru you are a very talented musician and it’s a privilege to know you. I also said that I have the biggest respect for those who wrote the lyrics and compose the track. I met them as well and they are amazing artists.

The artist who sings this song is simply a joy to be next to. Always positive, always smiling, always enjoying life. Smiley needs no more words. Let the music speak for him.


The song’s name is “I Wish”. And I said almost a year ago, it is my favorite song from this album.

Below is what I wrote back than.

Despre piesa urmatoare nu stiu ce sa scriu sincer. As vrea sa stiu cum o cheama pe fata care face backingul pentru ca e geniala. As vrea sa stiu cine a scris textul pentru ca eu cred ca e o persoana plina de iubire, vise, melancolie, romantism si optimism, la fel ca versurile care sunt superbe. As vrea sa-i strang mana celui/celei care a compus piesa, celui/cele care a orchestrat-o, si sa-i spun lui Smiley ca o canta cu o sensibilitate si o fericire molipsitoare. Iar fata care face backing-ul, repet, are un timbru special si care te atinge pana in inima. Piesa e superba, superba, superba. E tot ce un indragostit vrea sa auda pe fundal cand e cu persoana iubita. As vrea, imi doresc, spune cum vrei tu sa-i spui, ca „I Wish” care e piesa mea preferata de pe acest album, si din acest an (cu mana pe inima scriu asta – e cea mai buna piesa romaneasca pe care am ascultat-o anul asta) sa aiba parte de promovarea, aprecierile, laudele pe care le merita cu prisosinta. O am deja pe repeat…

Enjoy one of my favorite songs ever.


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