Rewind 2014

it’s that time of year again. It’s time to push the rewind button and remember all the songs that mesmerized us in 2014. Of course it’s a matter of taste. A song is pleasant for some and unpleasant for others. My friend FLORIN GROZEA wrote an interesting article on his blog regarding the song of 2014. You can read his post here:

While Florin’s post is based on the end of year reviews made by the most prestigious music magazines in the world, mine is based solely on my own taste, leaving it open for you to discuss and say which song suited you best this year.

For me, as I have said it many times already, the best two songs of 2014 are in fact two songs released in the autumn of 2013. But the way they „grew” in 2014 was and still is amazing.


One of them is John Legend’s „All of me”. A masterpiece of lyrics and musicality.

The second one is from the most successful Romanian artist of 2014: Smiley’s „Acasa”. A very sensitive yet powerful song. The statement that the artist matured and entered into a new dimension of his career.


Another song that rocked 2014 was Meghan Trainor’s „All About the Bass”.

An interesting sarcastic and motivational song.

Even though „I see fire” was his smash hit,


Ed Sheeran convinced me with „Thinking Out Loud”.

You certainly know the next songs and played them on repeat in 2014:

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But, the most successful song of 2014 has to be a „Happy” song :). It created a frenzy.

When it comes to Romanian artists, there were some great songs in 2014.

Grasu XXL rapped it with Ami for a „Deja Vu”.

Cabron, Smiley and Guess Who rold us „Da-o tare”. And we did.

Adda killed it with „Iti arat ca pot”.

But the autumn and winter belonged to Delia’s „Pe aripi de vant”.

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So far, these are the songs I remember when I look back to 2014. I am eager to hear your opinion and your favorite songs of 2014.



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