Haunted by the Phantom

Hey there, At first I wanted to write this post last night when I arrived home from a spectacular musical still I said to my self: "wait until tomorrow as right now you are hyped under the influence of the fabulous performances you just witnessed. Just wait for a day and then, more detached and … Continuă lectura Haunted by the Phantom


Songs of the Oscars

Hey there, tonight I am letting myself caught in the Oscar fever. We all know the winners by now so there is no breaking news or special edition. This blog is about music so I will talk about the nominated songs and about the winning song. The first nominee is from the "The Lego Movie" … Continuă lectura Songs of the Oscars

Song of the day – „Love Won’t Run Away”

Hey there, the song of today is my favorite song from this year Eurovision Song Contest National Selection. It is fresh, original, sounds great and it is a marvelous idea. A very simple yet extremely complex and difficult singing process with great effect. The group is called BLUE NOISE and it has six memebers: Diana … Continuă lectura Song of the day – „Love Won’t Run Away”

Going Down The Memory Lane – „Eden”

Hey there, today we're going down the memory lane back to 1998 in order to meet with some cool Belgians. Taken from the album "Blue Wonder Power Milk", the song we're about to listen was also covered by Sarah Brightman. The group responsible for this song is HOOVERPHONIC and the song's name is "Eden". It … Continuă lectura Going Down The Memory Lane – „Eden”

Race for Eurovision 2015…Ready for the challenge?

Hey there, I listened the 12 songs chosen for the Romanian Eurovision selection. My feeling? So and so... The instrumentals are not extraordinary, not so 2015. But let's see song by song what do we have here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8khnNYS1upU#t=14 Luminita Anghel, one of the best performers for Romania when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest, … Continuă lectura Race for Eurovision 2015…Ready for the challenge?

Down the Memory Lane: „Pana cand moartea ne va desparti”

1996... the biggest, most famous and most controversial group back then was BUG Mafia. I was in high school, and loved them, wanted to be like them knew by heart all their songs. I guess it was a small town boy's idea of being a rebel. My classmates, my friends, we were all BUG Mafia … Continuă lectura Down the Memory Lane: „Pana cand moartea ne va desparti”

Song of the Day: IRIS

Hey there, you are probably a little confused. Which "Iris" am I talking about? The famous Romanian rock band or is it something else? Well, it is something else. I am talking about one of my favorite songs, taken from one of my favorite motion pictures. This song is Goo Goo Dolls's biggest hit. The … Continuă lectura Song of the Day: IRIS

Down the memory lane… „Amintiri”

Hey there, today I am feeling melancholic and going down the memory lane. So I want to share with you a song from some years back. I wrote the lyrics for this one so it has a great sentimental value. The song is called "Amintiri" and Alb-Negru is the group "responsible" for it. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqj4932_t3Q