Down the Memory Lane: „Pana cand moartea ne va desparti”

the biggest, most famous and most controversial group back then was BUG Mafia. I was in high school, and loved them, wanted to be like them knew by heart all their songs. I guess it was a small town boy’s idea of being a rebel. My classmates, my friends, we were all BUG Mafia addicted. Those were the times of La Familia, RACLA, Gheto-Dacii, Parazitii, Morometzii, and above all these, there was BUG Mafia.


Today is about the song that we all loved in 1996. I will place the links to two different versions of the song: the original one from 1996 featuring Puya and July and the re-mastered and remixed one from 2006 featuring the special voice of Adriana Vlad.


Enjoy, „Pana cand moartea ne va desparti”… I know it will bring back memories for a lot of you… Share them with me.


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