Race for Eurovision 2015…Ready for the challenge?

Hey there,
I listened the 12 songs chosen for the Romanian Eurovision selection. My feeling? So and so… The instrumentals are not extraordinary, not so 2015. But let’s see song by song what do we have here?

Luminita Anghel,


one of the best performers for Romania when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest, returns with a composition by Andrei Tudor and Cristi Faur: „A Million Stars”. Hmmm… I don’t know what to say. On the chorus Luminita’s powerful voice is used very well. The rest of the song is a Indila wannabe when it comes to voice inflections and instrumentals. The mix and master of the song is not very impressive. On a scale from 1 to 10? 6.

Rodica Aculova,


is a new voice in the Eurovision National Contest. Another pop ballad, nothing special, nor the text or the melody. An ordinary song from an ordinary voice. Nothing special as I said. I give it a 5.



enters the competition with one of the best Romanian songs from 2014. Very sensitive, very well written, very well performed. „De la capat” is already a smash hit. You all know it. Great song from true professionals. My rating? 9.

Tudor Turcu,


you know him from X-Factor Romania, enters the competition with a composition by Gabriel Huiban (one of the best young composers). The song is interesting but something is missing. It reminds me of the Russian (moste successful) group TATU at the moment when a female choir says „It’s time to save us”. The song is ok, the lyrics are ok, but as I said, there is something missing. My rating? 7,5.

Cristina Vasiu


is a former contestant from „Vocea Romaniei” who is still trying to find her place in the Romanian music jungle. She still has to try. The song is ordinary, slow and it lacks that certain salt and pepper. My rating is 6.

Super Trooper,


is a musical group. They qualified for the final. The song is a disco frenzy (poorly mastered unfortunately) but it is something else. I like it because it is fresh, happy and shakes the floor. What I don’t like is the 80’s sound. But seeing that history repeats itself, who knows? They have a chance. My rating is 7,5.

Aurelian Temisan feat. Alexa,


this Romanian Tom Jones, storms into the contest with a song which in my opinion does not suit him. Why? Because despite Aurelian and Alexa’s (the featured artist on this song) great vocal abilities, the song is very, very simple, both as message and melody.


It is a happy song, interesting mastering, poor lyrics and so and so production. But, in a contest where Lordi or the beared female won, anything could happen. My rating? 8 because it intrigues me :).

Ovidiu Anton


is another X-Factor contestant. The song sounds like a Bon Jovi ballad. Ovidiu’s voice resembles here and there with the legendary american rocker. The song is not bad, not at all. It reminds me of „Always” and if this song would have been performed by Bon Jovi, trust me, it would have been a worldwide smash hit. I personally like the melody, the lyrics, the vocal performance. I give it a 8,7.



sing about „Dragoste in lanturi”. You know the song as it features on every radio’s playlist. The song is ok, I would like a good English version and I could rate it with a good chance for winning. My rating is 8,5.

Lara Lee


brings on „Superman”. The song is so and so. Not very catchy, not so well mastered and it lacks the salt and pepper. I give it a 6.

Blue Noise,
tells us that „Love Won’t Run Away”. Trust me, this is a very special song and it certainly is something else. It uses acapella, and it sounds amazing. The melody is nice, the lyrics are good, the voices are very good, but most of all the idea is very, very interesting. I give it a 9.

says that „We were in love”, but it doesn’t impress me. It sounds like Hooverphonic’s „Eden”, but not so good as the Belgians’ song. CEJ are two former members of Rednex but I think it’s a no win for them this year. My rating for them is 6.

So, who is going to be the winner? The song I like the most is from Voltaj. The song I think is the most original and has more chances internationally is „Love Won’t Run Away”. So I will vote for Blue Noise.

Who will you vote for?


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