Song of the day – „Love Won’t Run Away”

Hey there,
the song of today is my favorite song from this year Eurovision Song Contest National Selection. It is fresh, original, sounds great and it is a marvelous idea. A very simple yet extremely complex and difficult singing process with great effect.

The group is called BLUE NOISE


and it has six memebers: Diana Moraru (soprano – you know her as the female voice from Smiley’s song „I Wish”), Elena Morosanu (mezzo-soprano, known as Helen, member of Jazzapella), Ana-Cristina Leonte (alto), Mihail Grigore (tenor), Bogdan Tudor (bass and percution), Denis Bolborea (beatbox, looping and live fx). They are all very talented, very ingenuous and their first single is extremely interesting.

Enjoy BLUE NOISE and „Love Won’t run away”.


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