Haunted by the Phantom

Hey there,

At first I wanted to write this post last night when I arrived home from a spectacular musical still I said to my self: „wait until tomorrow as right now you are hyped under the influence of the fabulous performances you just witnessed. Just wait for a day and then, more detached and not so fired up, you will objectively write about what you saw”.


I am still wondering: what did I see? But what do I say „seeing”, what just happened? Well, for me, last night it was like falling in love with music again. It was that warm, comfortable feeling, those goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach. Music is eternal as some musical pieces are comfortable winning the test of time.


This is the case for the musical I am going to write about. It’s one of the most successful musicals ever performed on a stage and oh my God, it was performed on the most famous stages of the world. I watched the recordings of the show from the Royal Albert Hall in London and when I heard the show is being staged in Romania I was lucky enough to get two tickets for me and my soul mate.


I expected a high class performance. What was it like? More than amazing, exceptional and almost perfect. „THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA”, the most successful musical of all times worked its magic over me too. The new hall offering a homelike ambiance, the setting of the scene, the amazing performance of the orchestra, they all mingled into a giant production. But something is missing isn’t it? Let’s talk about the performers. Let’s talk about the singers.

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Well, they were perfect. Let’s meet them. For once, turn off your television sets and unplugged the daily turmoil. For once start dreaming and just listen to music. For once forget about all the so-called Romanian pop music divas and turn your face to some true artists. The ones that do not need to take their clothes off to have success. The ones that win you over with their talent and passion.

So let’s meet the artists:


The role of the Phantom was brilliantly performed by one of my favorite contestants from „The Voice”: Adrian Nour. Adrian is very talented, very versatile and an amazing singer and actor. He is truly perfect.


Christine could only be brought to life by one of the most talented young sopranos of Romania. She is not only extremely beautiful, she is phenomenally gifted with an amazing voice. She is a gift for all the music lovers. Her name is Irina Ioana Baiant and all of us should remember this name as I bet she is going to perform on the biggest stages of the world. It can’t be otherwise.


Florin Ristei does a great job as Raoul. Very good singing and good acting and a very nice presence.

In other roles we come across other amazing artists: Andrei Lazar, Valentino Tiron, Gabriela Daha, Samuel Druhora, Dana Rotaru and Alexandra Giurca. All of them very talented and exceptionally gifted.

All in one, the Romanian version of „The Phantom of the Opera”, produced by Ofelia Stanciu, is one of the best shows that was ever staged in this country. And for that I wish to thank all those involved in this production. I take a bow in front of you…




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