Copy / Paste = Romanian Hit

Hey there, this is the time when I am swimming upstream. This is me against the system. My dear Romanian composers and producers: feel free to get inspiration from other hits. But please realize that copying and pasting them while saying it's an original composition of yours equals STEALING. You are thieves and you deserve … Continuă lectura Copy / Paste = Romanian Hit


The Olympic Games of Music

Hey there, I was talking with a teenager the other day about music. He kept saying that no way music sounded better in the 70's and 80's and 90's as there were no computers and music software to make it sound perfect. I looked at him and told him that music back in the days … Continuă lectura The Olympic Games of Music

Going Down The Memory Lane…The Final Countdown

Hey there, my first ever music cassette was with this guys. I recorded it by copying it from a neighbor. It was my only cassette at the time and I played it over and over again. I knew it by heart. I still do... It was 1990, those songs have been released four years ago … Continuă lectura Going Down The Memory Lane…The Final Countdown