The Olympic Games of Music

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I was talking with a teenager the other day about music. He kept saying that no way music sounded better in the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s as there were no computers and music software to make it sound perfect. I looked at him and told him that music back in the days was perfect exactly because it was full of imperfections. Imperfections that came from listening to real instruments played by real people not some digitized sound banks. Nowadays we have music making computer software that has thousands and thousands of samples and instruments. They all sound perfect. But they are not real. The music today is a fantasy. All instruments are created on a computer. Nothing is real…

I miss the sound of a plucked guitar string, the sound of a slide on a guitar string. I miss the real sound of the premier, the toms and the snare. I miss music. Real music. I hate listening to auto-tuned voices, to voices that sound perfect. I hate being cheated on with perfect mixed tracks as they are perfect mastered by machines. Machines combine the frequencies perfectly. But we humans are not perfect. And music should not be perfect as well, as all the little imperfections make the greatest songs ever…

The kid said that the nowadays music makes more views on YOUTUBE than the old ones. Well you see kid? We did not have computers and internet and YOUTUBE. We had cassettes and vinyls. We heard the songs on the radio or at TV and recorded them directly from TV or the radio. Those were the „torrents” back in the days. We bought magazines to find out what’s new with our favorite music group. And it was perfect…

I admit that there are extremely talented musicians today, there are great groups and great singers and producers. They know music, they make music and they play music. Maybe it’s just me and my nostalgic view on music. Anyone can make music today without having studied an instrument or taken a music lesson in their entire life. But still, there are a few that can play music. Today there are so called musicians that are successful because they are well prepared computer geeks. They don’t know shit about music but are so good on software and programs that can easily put together a song. Well, I prefer the musicians a.k.a the ones that can play an instrument. Voice is also an instrument, maybe the most difficult one. I love musicians who can easily perform live on a stage in front of people. Those are the musicians I like.

There is nothing like music. And the live performances are the Olympic Games for all musicians. In the end, let’s close the curtain with a great Olympian…


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