Romanian Pride… Nicole…

Hey there,


Nicole Cherry continues to surprise me. In my opinion Nicole is one of the most talented kids of her generation. I was there once when she was recording one of her songs and trust me: she has a great voice, she really sings and most of all she is a very polite and nice person.


Her songs so far were about partying, love, summer vibes, relationships… Now, she gifts us a song with a strong national pride feeling and message. It is a song about love, about friendship, about pride. It is a song about leadership, about brothers, about sisters, about me and you. It is a song about Romania. It is a song about these hard times and how we can get over them. It is a story about coming together and be as one. One nation, one people, one voice. It is a song about learning from the past and building for the future. It is a song about our mother, Romania.

I see it as a hymn of a new generation, because the lyrics (which are great) talk about the real values that make this country great.

Enjoy Nicole Cherry’s „Mama noastra”


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