Last week I was around Budapest and I thought I'd take a short trip to that nice city to attend a concert. I couldn't resist the temptation of watching one of my fav girls live: PINK.

As we say in Romania, I caught two rabbits at once as Pink's concert was a part of Sziget Festival's opening day and I always wanted to visit the festival so everything turned out just fine.

I arrived at the festival gates at around 2 pm, got my wristband for the day and then I crossed the bridge to enter the "Island of freedom".

The place is huge. Placed on a side of Budapest's Margit Island, during the festival the island is invaded by tens of thousands of people. Thosands of tents spread all around the camping areas and hundreds of places where to get food, beverages, clothes, etc. It
trully is an island of freedom.

Everyone was care free, everyone was smiling and everybody was extremely chill. A lot of great outdoor venues to spend the time: sport venues, board games venues, debate venues, etc.

The first show we attended was Dubioza Kolevtive's performance. The bosnian nous were really, really good and entertaining. Here's a peak of their performance: Dubioza live.

The organizers have all these crazy moments ideas every day. For the opening day they had an idea for a claping party. It turned out like this: Clapping Party or like this: Clapping Party 2.

The next performer of the day were the canadians called Billy Talent. They were fucking great. Great rock music, great vocals, excellent vibe. I loved them.

Another peek on their performance here: Billy Talent.

Everybody was waiting for the evening's main event and so a huge crowd gathered at the main stage. Pink was on everybody's lips and mind and finally, at 9:30 pm the great american star got the party started. And what a party it was! Just like fire, it all felt like an amazing roller coster ride. Bellow you can videos and links to that evening's live feeds.

Pink live
Pink live 2
Pink ending



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