The alarm clock just keeps on ringing. It’s 9 am in Berlin, 17.05.2020 and I have to get up to go and have breakfast. My wife, Anca, loves the breakfasts at these fancy hotels. It is one of her favorite times of day when staying at a hotel :). I won’t let her alone as I know she enjoys it more when I am there with her.

We partied till early morning last night. Well, how couldn’t we? We are all here in Berlin and yesterday evening a miracle happened. The best team in the world of female volleyball ended the season in high fashion, winning the Champions League and so winning all the 5 trophies in play for the season. The Italian Super Cup, The Italian Cup, The Club World Championship, The Italian Championship and now, The Champions League. Never ever done before, by nobody. But this amazing team did it. It was a fairy tale season that ended in style. This must be one of the best teams I ever saw. And these girls are incredible: Asia, Kim, Indre, Robin The Queen, Paola, Terry, Myriam, Giulia, Chiaka, Monica, Alexandra, Eleonora, Rapha and Jennifer. And the staff: Daniele, Alessio, Valerio, Mirco, Marco, Andrea, Ilenia, Claudio, Tommaso and all the others. And the ones that brought them all together: Piero and Pietro and all those who helped: Elena, Silvia, Gianbattista, Pier Paolo, Simone, Martina, Leo and all the others. Such a big family.

The match last night was so tense and the other team fought so hard. Our long lasting rivals from Vakifbank. Always surprising, always winning, but not yesterday. Yesterday we won. Yesterday the dream came true and the Champions League is finally ours. And all the joy in the yellow-blue sector of the stands. And all the fun at the party last night. All the smiles and all the „we’ll do it again next year” shouting. All the Imoco family is so proud and happy.

This was a perfect season. This team was a like a perfect storm that washed everything and everyone in its path, displaying amazing volleyball, amazing characters and amazing stories.

This was just a dream.

I woke up this morning, it’s 17.05.2020 but I am still at home in Bucharest. The same place where me and Anca stayed for the past two months, in lock down against an invisible enemy. An enemy that took some of the best moments of this spring from us and from the entire world. A virus that shattered a dream that was so possible. The famous 5 trophies. Facebook kept reminding me for the past days that I had an event to attend: the Champions League Superfinals in Berlin, this weekend. Yesterday was the day of the final. I am 100% sure we would have won it. Still this is the best team in the world.

I woke up and we won the Champions League.

I woke up and Paolone is still here with us…

*photo of Imoco Volley Conegliano by Michele Gregolin.


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