Copy / Paste = Romanian Hit

Hey there, this is the time when I am swimming upstream. This is me against the system. My dear Romanian composers and producers: feel free to get inspiration from other hits. But please realize that copying and pasting them while saying it’s an original composition of yours equals STEALING. You […]

Haunted by the Phantom

Hey there, At first I wanted to write this post last night when I arrived home from a spectacular musical still I said to my self: „wait until tomorrow as right now you are hyped under the influence of the fabulous performances you just witnessed. Just wait for a day […]

Songs of the Oscars

Hey there, tonight I am letting myself caught in the Oscar fever. We all know the winners by now so there is no breaking news or special edition. This blog is about music so I will talk about the nominated songs and about the winning song. The first nominee is […]