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Înconjurat de muzică

Pe Andrei Neagu l-am descoperit cu ajutorul unei cunoștințe din lumea muzicala. Navi este cea care mi-a spus într-o frumoasa zi de toamna despre un tânăr care are un mic concert pe o terasă în seara aceea. Mi-a mai zis că o să îmi placă și cum Navi are gusturi […]

Song of the Day: IRIS

Hey there, you are probably a little confused. Which „Iris” am I talking about? The famous Romanian rock band or is it something else? Well, it is something else. I am talking about one of my favorite songs, taken from one of my favorite motion pictures. This song is Goo […]

It Hurts Like Hell

Hey there, today is all about my favorite Romanian dance project. You can easily recognize the sound of this project, their musicality and positive vibe. They have a sound that you easily recognize as being theirs. They are very good, very successful and I like them a lot. Congrats to […]