Let’s Talk Music…Robert Johnson

Hey there, starting from an article in the ROLLING STONES magazines, about the best 100 guitarists in the world, I discovered that at least half of them were total strangers to me. So I decided to find out more about them and share everything with you. Today I will write about the artist who's original … Continuă lectura Let’s Talk Music…Robert Johnson

The Olympic Games of Music

Hey there, I was talking with a teenager the other day about music. He kept saying that no way music sounded better in the 70's and 80's and 90's as there were no computers and music software to make it sound perfect. I looked at him and told him that music back in the days … Continuă lectura The Olympic Games of Music

Today is about mourning…sad…Song of the Day

It's been three years now since one of my dearest friends passed away. So young, so unexpected and so unfair. Not a day passes by without me thinking of you. Today's song of the day is dedicated to you. And I know that up there you smile down on us and miss us too. Still … Continuă lectura Today is about mourning…sad…Song of the Day