Songs of the Oscars

Hey there,
tonight I am letting myself caught in the Oscar fever. We all know the winners by now so there is no breaking news or special edition.

This blog is about music so I will talk about the nominated songs and about the winning song.


The first nominee is from the „The Lego Movie” and it is called „Everything Is Awesome”. Well, for me, this song is not awesome at all. I sincerely don’t like it. I find it as stupid as the infamous „Gangnam Style”. Take a look:


„Glory” is the winner of this year’s Oscars. It is performed by Common and my favorite John Legend. It is about freedom and fighting to achieve it. It is a good song, especially Legend’s part. Common does not impress me much but Legend’s vocals and bluesy voice mesmerizes me every time I listen one of his songs.


From „Beyond The Lights” soundtrack we have Rita Ora’s „Grateful”. An unusual (in a good way) Rita Ora, very classy, very simple and very warm. Not the bad, sexy wannabe image she used us with, but a very tender, very mild and special performance. And, in my opinion, a better song than „Glory” (but it is all a matter of taste).


„I’m Not Gonna Miss You” is a very personal, very touching song. It is performed by Glen Campbell and comes from the soundtrack of „Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me”. Very emotional lyrics, very deep and very impressive. I like it a lot. A very good song.


„Lost Stars” is taken from the soundtrack of „Begin Again”. In the motion picture the song is performed by Keira Knightley. And she gives the song a touch of acting, of tenderness and dreaming out loud. She is very good on this song. A very good song with very good lyrics.

In the end, my choice for winning the Oscar is: „I’m Not Gonna Miss You”, for its message and lyrics.


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